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What To Feed My Cat Who Has Diarrhea

Cats with diarrhea need to take in sufficient amounts of water to prevent dehydration. Keep your cat’s water bowls filled with fresh, clean water and consider adding an extra bowl that contains diluted chicken or beef broth.. Cats with diarrhea are at risk of becoming dehydrated. Access to fresh drinking water is important. Using canned and moist food is also a good idea.

Blissful Belly Wet Cat Food. This wet cat food formula is made for cats with sensitive stomachs suffering from diarrhea. It contains highly digestible ingredients and helps keep the cat well-hydrated. How to treat your cat's diarrhea “When you notice a case of diarrhea in your cat, you can try home care to help them recover if no other symptoms are noted,” says Dr. Burch, who recommends treating your cat's diarrhea by feeding.

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