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Loan for the purchase of an apartment

Make your dreams of your own apartment come true today!

This type of loan is intended for people who want to purchase an apartment on the secondary or primary market in Wrocław.
A loan for the purchase of an apartment has a low interest rate and a long repayment period. Due to its purpose (i.e. housing purposes), it is the cheapest loan product.

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  • purchase of an apartment on the secondary market,

  • purchase of an apartment from a developer,

  • finishing or renovation of the apartment,

  • purchase of an apartment by tender,

  • refinancing the purchase of an apartment for cash,

  • real estate broker cost,

  • costs related to the transaction, including, among others: tax, notary and court costs (actually incurred or in accordance with the client's declaration),

  • cost of finishing works,

  • the cost of the appraisal made by a property appraiser.

  • refinancing of a home loan

If the loan is intended for the purchase of a flat under construction from a developer, it will be paid according to the schedule in the developer agreement. We can increase the loan by the cost of finishing the apartment.

If we bought flats for cash, we can recover the money by applying for a housing loan. We have a maximum of 12 months from the date of purchase.

If we are already repaying a housing loan, we can apply for its refinancing at a new bank. It is taking a new loan to pay off the current one. We do this to have cheaper credit. However, on the occasion of such a transaction, we can increase the amount and allocate money for any purpose.

Loan amount

Up to 90% of the purchase price

Extra money

For renovation or finishing

Repayment period

Even for 35 years

Useful documents

Renovation cost estimate

Housing loan agreement template

Sample income certificate

Sources of income


  • Contract of employment

  • Replacement employment contract

  • Management contract

  • Appointment

  • Contract of mandate

  • Contract for specific work. Rent. Rent. Retirement

  • Pension. Pre-retirement allowance

  • Economic activity

  • Dividends

  • Scholarship

  • Farm

  • Departments of special agricultural production

  • Pursuit of the profession of a seafarer

  • Income from the provision of pastoral service

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  • Unemployment benefit

  • Care, educational, rehabilitation and sickness allowance

  • A pension for a period shorter than the loan period

  • Profits from the sale of shares

  • Agreement for a trial period

  • Contract for the duration of the work

  • Income per role in the case of leased land

  • Income from activities carried out abroad

  • Child care benefit 500+

  • Employment when the applicant is on notice or on parental leave

  • Income from the company in which the applicant acts as a limited partner

  • Future income

  • Other benefits that are not of a permanent nature

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