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The role of a credit advisor / credit expert

Continuous market analysis

Preparation of documentation

Analysis of the client's finances

Professional approach

Client representation and continuous monitoring of the case

Tracking changes taking place in banks

Matching the offer

Contact with financial institutions

Customer Focused Attention

Prepare contingency plans

Your benefits

Completely free of charge

You will not pay anything for help in obtaining financing

You will save money

Objective comparison of banking offers

You will gain extra time

You will submit applications to several banks at one meeting


Applications to several banks at the same time

As part of the intermediation and credit counseling service, the Broker:
Provides a brokerage service helping the client:
a) define lending objectives that optimize the loan offer
b) define the loan amount in accordance with the financial needs of the client
c) in selecting a loan offer
d) in selecting the loan period
e) in choosing a currency
f) in choosing the type of installment


He discusses the credit process and the offer:
a) Carries out an interview regarding the client's expectations in terms of transaction details and a possible credit offer
b) Preliminary checks the customer's creditworthiness on the tools provided by credit institutions on the basis of information provided by the customer
c) Presents, taking into account the presented preferences of the Customer, at least 3 credit offers available to the Customer,
d) Discusses the stages of the credit process and the estimated time needed to obtain a credit
e) Provides a list of required documents and bank forms
f) It presents the estimated types of risk related to a specific loan offer, and to changes in the interest rate and exchange rate (in the case of foreign currency loans)
g) Answers the customer's questions related to the loan


Accepts a loan application from the customer with predefined documentation:
a) Provides professional assistance in filling in the forms
b) Verifies the completeness of the documentation


Participates in the credit process:
a) He acts as an intermediary in communication with the bank, including conducts negotiations
b) Provides information on the required additional documents
c) Provides up-to-date information on the progress of the credit process

d) Informs about the credit decision and explains its provisions
e) Acquaints the Customer with the content of the loan agreement and explains its provisions
f) Agrees the Client to sign a loan agreement at a Bank outlet, if it is not concluded with a credit advisory company, and the Bank provides for such an option in its procedures.


It provides assistance after starting the loan, if the contract with the credit institution provides for such a service:
a) Provides answers to questions related to the granted loan
b) Informs the Client on how to contact the Bank in case of an issue
exceeding the powers of the Mediator

Range of services


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