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  • the cost of developing the plot, the cost of construction works and materials,

  • costs of investment preparation (costs of geological surveys, costs of developing technical documentation, costs of preparing the site for construction) and construction insurance fees,

  • real estate broker cost,

  • costs related to the transaction, including, among others: tax, notary and court costs (actually incurred or in accordance with the client's declaration),

  • cost of finishing works,

  • the first fee for perpetual usufruct of land,

  • the cost of the appraisal made by a property appraiser.

  • real estate development

  • renovation of the property

In the case of granting a loan for construction on a construction plot already owned by the client, the cost of the investment is the market value of the plot on which the investment is carried out, as entered by the client in the application. The final value of the plot is determined based on the estimate of a property appraiser. The value of the plot may also be the customer's own contribution.

The bank credits the investment if the funds from the loan or the loan together with own share enable the completion of the investment or bringing it to a condition that allows for the settlement or use of the property. Completion of the investment or bringing it to a state allowing for the settlement or use of the property should take place not later than within 36 months from the date of concluding the loan agreement. As soon as the Bank has obtained appropriate explanations regarding the impossibility of completing the investment and there were no other contraindications to extend the above-mentioned period, it is allowed to extend it.

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