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Refinancing loan

Convert your mortgage to a cheaper one!

This type of loan is intended for people who already have a mortgage loan from another bank, but are not satisfied with its pricing conditions. The refinancing loan will allow us to transfer our current loan to a new bank on more favorable terms. In this way, we will reduce the amount of the monthly installment and the total amount of interest. So we will just save.

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What else will I gain thanks to the refinancing loan?

When transferring a loan to a new bank, we can modify its parameters. Extend or shorten the loan period. If we have free cash, we can overpay part of the loan when transferring and start repayment in a new bank at a lower amount. However, if we need additional money, we can apply for it with a refinancing loan. The new bank will repay us all our current loan plus will pay extra money to the account. There are many possibilities, it all depends on our needs.
Loan refinancing occurs in each of the banks. However, not every bank prepares special refinancing loan offers. Such offers are characterized by lower interest rates and no loan-related costs. They occur cyclically, so it is worth having a good credit advisor who will keep us informed.

To find out how much we will save on such a solution, we must check in our loan agreement what parameters you currently have - the interest rate, repayment period, etc. The easiest way, however, is to contact us. We will ask for the necessary data from the contract and determine the possibilities.


You will get a lower interest rate

Extra money

For renovation or any purpose

More possibilities

You are changing to a contract with the current rules

What will you learn at the meeting?

  • What is your creditworthiness. How is it calculated and what does it depend on.

  • What the interest rate consists of and what repayment period will be best for you.

  • How to choose the best loan offer. How do they differ and what to pay special attention to.

  • How to replace an existing loan with a new one, based on more favorable terms.

  • How to complete and what documents are required when applying for a loan.

Useful documents

Renovation cost estimate

Housing loan agreement template

Sample income certificate

Sources of income


  • Contract of employment

  • Replacement employment contract

  • Management contract

  • Appointment

  • Contract of mandate

  • Contract for specific work. Rent. Rent. Retirement

  • Pension. Pre-retirement allowance

  • Economic activity

  • Dividends

  • Scholarship

  • Farm

  • Departments of special agricultural production

  • Pursuit of the profession of a seafarer

  • Income from the provision of pastoral service

Do you have a question?


  • Unemployment benefit

  • Care, educational, rehabilitation and sickness allowance

  • A pension for a period shorter than the loan period

  • Profits from the sale of shares

  • Agreement for a trial period

  • Contract for the duration of the work

  • Income per role in the case of leased land

  • Income from activities carried out abroad

  • Child care benefit 500+

  • Employment when the applicant is on notice or on parental leave

  • Income from the company in which the applicant acts as a limited partner

  • Future income

  • Other benefits that are not of a permanent nature

Praca z domu

Current price offers

We currently have 11 banks that offer refinancing loans

If you are interested in a refinancing loan or have a question, complete the form.
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