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Mortgage loan

A way to get big money from the bank

This type of loan is intended for people who have real estate in Wrocław or its vicinity.
A mortgage loan is characterized by a long loan period and high amounts available.

It can be used for any purpose.

It has a lower interest rate than a cash loan.

Kredyt na budowę domu: Usługi

You decide what you will spend the obtained money on. You will receive them on your personal account and they will be at your disposal.

Unlike an unsecured cash loan, where the maximum loan period is 10 years, a mortgage loan can be spread over up to 30 years. Thanks to this, even if we borrow a large amount, we pay a low monthly installment.

The loan is secured with real estate. This does not mean, however, that we are losing ownership of it. We only provide the possibility of entering a mortgage by the bank in section IV of the Land and Mortgage Register.

Mortgage - a limited right in rem over real estate and on selected rights (cooperative ownership right to a flat, cooperative ownership right to a business premises, right to a single-family house in a housing cooperative, mortgage-secured debt), used to secure a marked claim, under which the creditor may claim satisfaction from the real estate, with priority over the personal creditors of each owner of the real estate.


Loan amount

Up to 80% of the property value

Saving money

Low interest rate

Repayment period

Even for 30 years

Useful documents

Renovation cost estimate

Mortgage loan agreement template

Sample income certificate

Sources of income


  • Contract of employment

  • Replacement employment contract

  • Management contract

  • Appointment

  • Contract of mandate

  • Contract for specific work. Rent. Rent. Retirement

  • Pension. Pre-retirement allowance

  • Economic activity

  • Dividends

  • Scholarship

  • Farm

  • Departments of special agricultural production

  • Pursuit of the profession of a seafarer

  • Income from the provision of pastoral service

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  • Unemployment benefit

  • Care, educational, rehabilitation and sickness allowance

  • A pension for a period shorter than the loan period

  • Profits from the sale of shares

  • Agreement for a trial period

  • Contract for the duration of the work

  • Income per role in the case of leased land

  • Income from activities carried out abroad

  • Child care benefit 500+

  • Employment when the applicant is on notice or on parental leave

  • Income from the company in which the applicant acts as a limited partner

  • Future income

  • Other benefits that are not of a permanent nature

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Current price offers

We currently have 9 banks that offer mortgage loans. Everyone gives it on a different basis.

If you are interested in a mortgage or have a question, complete the form.
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