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Examples of loan classification criteria

  • Credit applicant criterion:

    • loan for business entities representing all forms of ownership;
    • credit for natural persons who do not conduct business activity;
  • Usage Criterion:

    • a cash loan;
    • non-cash loan;
  • The criterion of the subject of the loan:

    • revolving loan;
      Working capital loans are loans intended to finance the borrower's day-to-day needs related to his business activities, e.g. purchase of goods, materials, raw materials, energy charges, wages, etc. They increase the borrower's current assets.
      investment loan;
      Investment loans are intended for the financing of outlays aimed at creating new or increasing the existing fixed assets.
  • Loan period criterion:

    • short-term loan (up to 1 year);
      medium-term loan (from 1-3 years);
      long-term loan (over 3 years);
  • Credit form criterion:

    • overdraft facility;
      overdraft facility;
      discount credit;
      consumer (cash) loan;
      installment loan;
      preferential credit;
      syndicated loan;
      credit related with the purchase of invoices (the so-called "factoring");
      loan for leasing financing;
  • Security method criterion:

    • Lombard loan - granted against movable property or securities, when the subject of the set is handed over to the bank;
  • Loan currency criterion:

    • PLN loan;
      foreign currency loan;
      PLN loan denominated in foreign currencies;
      foreign currency loan denominated in PLN.
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