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I already have my low-interest mortgage. What does its repayment look like?

1. The loan is repaid in accordance with the repayment schedule attached to the Agreement.


2. In the case of repayment in decreasing installments, the capital may be repaid:

1) monthly or

2) every 3 months,


3. In the case of repayment in installments equal to:

1) the loan is repaid monthly,

2) the amount of the principal installment is the difference between the amount of the applicable principal and interest installment and the amount of accrued interest,

3) the last installment is the equalization installment,

4. The dates of repayment of principal and interest or interest installments are determined starting from the month following the one-time disbursement of the loan or the first loan tranche. Interest installments are payable monthly.


5. In the case of a grace period in loan repayment:

1) interest installments are payable monthly, starting from the month following the disbursement of the loan / the first loan tranche, on the dates specified in the Agreement,

2) the schedule is provided to the Borrower after the end of the grace period.


6. The loan repayment dates are specified in the Agreement. If the payment date specified in the Agreement falls on a day which is not present in a given month, the payment date for that month shall fall on the last day of the given month.


7. If the payment date falls on a statutory holiday or a non-working day for the Bank, the repayment date shall be the next business day.


8. The loan and interest may be repaid by:

1) cash deposit at the Bank,

2) withdrawing funds from the Borrower's account at the Bank, based on the authorization granted by the Borrower, contained in the Agreement,

3) transfer of funds.


9. The repayment date is the date on which the funds are credited to the Borrower's credit account at the Bank.

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