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Types of loans - classification criteria for natural persons

Installment loans

intended for the purchase of consumer goods, mainly: household appliances and audio / video devices, cooperation with intermediary companies. employees of retail outlets,

Car loans

granted for the purchase of passenger cars, delivery vans, simplified lending procedure,

Occasional loans

granted for a short period of up to 1 year, related to exceptional circumstances, e.g. holiday loans, Valentine's Day loans, holiday loans, student loans, etc.,

Mortgage, construction, housing, construction and housing loans

intended for the construction of single-family houses, the acquisition and modernization of apartments with a long loan period, The main collateral for these loans is a real estate mortgage,

Loan for the purchase of securities

granted to persons holding accounts in brokerage houses, investing on the stock exchange, intended for the purchase of shares, bonds, etc.



Crediting form:

cash loans

​ paid by check or in cash at the bank's cash desk, generally for the borrower's day-to-day needs,

non-cash loans

granted for a longer period, the loan is disbursed by transferring funds to the Borrower's savings and checking account or making payments against the loan recorded on a separate loan account,

loans in the checking and savings account,

where, on the basis of an agreement concluded with the owner of a savings and checking account, a credit limit agreement. monthly salary, reduces debt and the account holder can go back into debt until the expiry of the loan agreement.
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